Sharing the Gift of Invitation this Holiday Season

It’s an exciting time to belong to Community of Christ! It’s an exciting time to belong to Community! It’s an exciting time to belong to CHRIST! As you receive this issue of the Beacon, our
faith tradition will be joining with the majority of Christianity to celebrate the season of Advent –looking forward to and preparing for the coming of the Christ. We look forward to the
commemoration of Jesus’ first coming as a baby in the Bethlehem manger as well as the return of Christ in glory that we have been promised. Worship areas will have been carefully decorated and services carefully planned. We put our collective best feet forward in an attempt to bring our very best gifts to God and each other. There will be a plethora of available activities to celebrate the season. Want to pack gift or food boxes for the needy? Want to walk up and down the snowy street singing Christmas songs to your neighbors? Want to sit quietly in
the candlelight and just be in awe of the blessings you have received?Opportunities to do just that – and much, much more – abound in our congregations and communities this time of year.

These events provide a perfect opening to INVITE OTHERS into the community! What do you love about the activity you will be attending? Chances are, someone else
will love that same thing. Or something different about it. Or maybe just the people you end up doing it with. Our call to INVITE OTHERS TO CHRIST is a call to trust and do. Maybe the person you invite will have been on your heart for some time. Maybe the person you invite will cross your path unexpectedly. Maybe they will say ‘no, thank you’. But, MAYBE they will say ‘Yes’!
Sometimes I think we are more afraid of the ‘Yes’ answer than the ‘No, thank you’… does that strike a chord with you? What if someone messes something up in the service? What if someone says or does something that may make the new person uncomfortable? What if…? What if…? Remember that our call is to invite others to CHRIST, so make that the
center of your intention. TRUST that the Holy Spirit is involved and is giving you the chance to participate in something wonderful. TRUST that the plan does not depend on you
or anyone else being perfect. TRUST that you don’t need to know the outcome before you step out in faith.

May you be blessed this Christmas Season as you reach out to
include others, and may it become a habit that you take into the New Year!

Mission Center Invitational Support Minister – Denise Hoyt