Mission Center Messages

6/02/20 – Council of Twelve USA Team Statement on Racial Injustice

The USA Team of Apostles urges friends and members of Community of Christ to read a statement from the team released 1 June regarding current events. The statement also will be posted across the church’s social media network. Thank you for you faithful support of Christ’s mission.


5/15/20 – It is with regret that for many of the reasons we cancelled reunion this summer, we have decided it is best to cancel the summer youth camps.  The health and safety of campers, camp staff, and their families, and the Temple Grove staff and their families is of paramount importance. We realize that states and local communities have begun to relax requirements, but it seems that the necessary social distancing still in place would be very difficult in the Temple Grove environment. Alternatives are being explored, including some type of get-together when safe.  We will keep you posted.

We especially want to thank all of you who had volunteered to be directors and staff.  We recognize and appreciate the efforts you already made to make the camps a meaningful and worthwhile activity.
Peace, John