Is your congregation using the new Community of Christ Lesson Series? Community of Christ lessons are available for children (ages 6–11), youth (ages 12–18), and adults. Weekly lessons connect the lectionary text with Community of Christ identity, mission, message, and beliefs. Download the newest resources at Community of Christ online – here. Previous class lessons can be found at Community of Christ online – here.

Is it trite to say that Christmas is a time for giving? As I write this article I’m concerned that I am turning into Captain Obvious from the commercials on TV. Indeed, Christmas is a time of giving. We celebrate the ultimate gift, God’s gift of Jesus Christ to a world in need, then and now. When I was a child, I embraced this concept of giving, and was more than… Read More

…a child shall lead them  I was just at Target a few days ago, looking for a few dress shirts. I had circled the store a few times, which is not uncommon for me, as I typically forget other items I need. With a few more items in my hand, I headed to check out and like what every customer should do, I patiently wait. I wasn’t rushing to get anywhere and… Read More