World Conference 2019 is approaching!  Our mission center currently has openings for 16 delegates.  We’re still hoping to send a full slate, so please consider attending.  Early bird registration has passed, but we have good news–if you are a first-time attender, the mission center will pay your registration fee of $190.  World Conference is something that everybody should experience at least once.  We’d like to see every congregation have someone attend.  Please contact the… Read More

Is your congregation using the new Community of Christ Lesson Series? Community of Christ lessons are available for children (ages 6–11), youth (ages 12–18), and adults. Weekly lessons connect the lectionary text with Community of Christ identity, mission, message, and beliefs. Download the newest resources at Community of Christ online – here. Previous class lessons can be found at Community of Christ online – here.

Dont forget about all the news from around the mission center and world church! Come and find out. It is easy to register and you can keep in the loop with all the announcements!

Herald House is now offering 5 new brochures that help friends, seekers, and members discover the message of Jesus Christ and the Community of Christ. Find out more about these brochures, Here!