Who we are…

Welcome to the Community of Christ. We are thirteen congregations in Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, called Eastern Great Lakes Mission Center.

In the Eastern Great Lakes Mission Center, we encourage and uplift spiritual journeys by creating authentic expressions of our faith through proclaiming the mission of Jesus Christ and promoting communities of Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace.

We  build holistic community through inviting, welcoming, and valuing persons regardless of economic status, social class, age, dress, sex, gender, sexual orientation, faith, or ethnicity.

Our congregations contribute to the community they live in by engaging in peace and justice activities based on Christ’s example; being fully awake, ready to respond, and open to risking something new.


Christ’s mission is our mission! The Community of Christ is focused on the mission of Jesus Christ through five, life-changing, church-changing, and world-changing mission initiatives:

Invite People to Christ
Christ’s mission of evangelism

Abolish Poverty, End Suffering
Christ’s mission of compassion

Pursue Peace on Earth
Christ’s mission of justice and peace

Develop Disciples to Serve
Equip individuals for Christ’s mission

Experience Congregations in Mission
Equip congregations for Christ’s mission

For more information on Community of Christ please visit: http://www.cofchrist.org

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